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Who We Are

Donna Scheman



Women-Owned Business

As a women in the business world, I hope to empower more women in the security and fire-safety industry to reach their goals. I am proud to work with such strong and capable minds.


Don Scheman

Director of Training

Private Investigator

LegalShield Director and Independent Associate

With decades of law enforcement and experience in law school, my goal is always to take the extra step and give people the care they deserve. Despite being disabled too early in life, I strive to be real and inspire those I touch.

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Alfred Medina

Master Instructor

Retired NYPD Sergeant

My various experiences in the NYC police department have better equipped me to teach tolerance and excellence. I aim to improve our communities through quality instruction one day at a time.

Instructor Alfred Medina.png

Hilda Esperon


As a SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) certified instructor, I teach sexual and workplace harassment courses. My goal is to keep people informed, comfortable, and safe at their workplace.

Hilda Esperon Headshot 3.jpg

Michael Ferrari


Retired Naval Officer

Retired from the Navy and working as a security guard led me to take courses with Professional Protection, after which I was inspired to become an instructor and join the great company that opened my eyes to that opportunity.


Leon Jones

LegalShield Director and Independent Associate

As one of the first African Americans to work for NBC and after a career of broadcast, I left corporate America to give people of all races and creeds equal access to the legal system.

Patrick Kilgallen

Fire-Safety Instructor

Retired FDNY Captain

After retiring from the fire department I knew I wanted to teach people how to be safe in fire and other emergencies.


Maria Arocena

LegalShield Independent Associate

Providing affordable legal services to individuals, families, and businesses throughout North America giving them equal access to the justice system.

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